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Q: How much seed do I need to grow an acre?

A: We recommend planting between 2500-3630 plants per acre

Q: How many seeds/pound?

A: Approximately 30,000 seeds/pound. (~10 acres/pound)

Q: Is this hemp good for CBD processing?

A: Yes! Our hemp seed tests ~9% CBD by total biomass, and up to 19% total CBD by flower.

Q: Is the seed lab-tested?

A: Yes, our seed is lab tested and certified by % biomass!

Q: Where are these seeds sourced from?

A: Our seeds are strictly sourced from permitted, experienced U.S. growers using best agricultural practices.

Q: How much biomass should we expect to harvest?

A: Yields between 2-3 lbs per plant of destemmed biomass.

Q: When will the seed ship?

A: Mid-March

Q: Best time to plant and harvest?

A: We recommend planting mid-may, harvesting mid-October.

Q: What is the cost by weight?


1 lb $5,000
3 lbs $15,000
5 lbs $25,000
10 lbs $40,000
10+ lbs Call For Special Bulk Pricing!