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To help kickstart the hemp revolution, Geocoris is now taking orders for high quality CBD hemp seed from permitted American growers! We’ve sourced bulk quantities of the best seed from experienced farmers.

With the passing and signing of the farm bill in December of 2018, a once in a generation opportunity for the American farmer has arrived! With over 90% of current Industrial hemp supply coming from Canada (1) and the unstable nature of trade agreements in the current political climate,the American farmer has a unique opportunity to capitalize on the need of a reliable domestic sources of industrial hemp and hemp derived products for the US market.

Excluding the $573 Million dollar retail market for industrial fiber,  how does one evaluate the potential of the market for Federally legal CBD and CBD derived products?  Industry experts prefer to compare the opportunity to the market for recreational cannabis.

Many farmers have taken a conservative approach to the “Green Rush”, considering the uncertain nature of the state-by-state cannabis market. But now, legal hemp provides a brand-new, federally legal, high-growth commodity crop for the American farmer to capitalize on.

Experts believe the potential market for industrial hemp derived CBD and related fiber products will be massive and in all likelihood will eclipse the recreational market in consumption and profits.

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